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Daphne Santana-Strassmann

Memoir Writer
Daphne Santana Strassmann is a memoirist. Her work has appeared in Creative NonFiction, GrubWrites, Tex{t}Mex, and textbooks. She is a recent member of the Macondo Foundation.

She writes about the intangible spaces between her Latino heritage and her American life. She focuses on personal narrative and memoir because the personal is what she avoided when she wrote fiction. She gave in to memoir and concentrated on writing and studying it for an MFA from Lesley University. The more complicated the subject matter, the more she is moved to find how to explore it in writing. Working with tough subjects is at the center of the creative nonfiction courses she teaches at Grubstreet. Daphne teaches English in several Boston universities and is writing a collection of essays in Spanglish, which feels true to both her experiences and her narrative voice.

Trying her best to follow her advice, she’s working on a memoir about growing up between the US and the Dominican Republic.